Acne Helper

Mildly Cleans and dries oils on your face in minutes!

Herbal and cool treatment for more than Acne

Acne Helper is one those rare product finds to share with people who enjoy the basics in facial health. Good things come in small packages and the GoAhhh family of products can guarantee that.

A Cleansing feel from one of those unique plants that grow on the volcanic slopes of Mount Haleakala in Maui. Men and women get Acne, Ingrown Hairs, Skin Tags, Boils, all produced by our bodies internal system of removing toxins. Give your face and body a break from all those industrial chemicals. Acne Helper is a no preservative cream that refreshes while cleansing. You skin needs to Go Ahhh.

Maui’s Lani Wela plant is known for its astringent active ingredient Limonene. It produces a cool feel as it actively works to on your skin

How it works

After cleaning and drying the affected spot, use an applicator to put the cream on your fingers and rub on pimple or eruption. Rub in gently and let air dry. You’ll feel your skin tighten slightly as the limonene binds itself to the oils and dissipates them away. In most cases you’ll see and feel results overnight.

  • Its best to use Acne Helper before bedtime, but can use it daily or as needed.
  • Acne Helper is an All Natural gel that has NO PRESERVATIVES, GMO’s, or fragrances added.
  • Freshly made on demand, this is not a shelved item and does require refrigeration after being opened.
  • Acne Helper is not a Program. It’s an all natural gel that works when you need it.