“When I became pregnant I was worried about complications due to my age. The worst thing that happened was hemorrhoids!!! I suffered from them during and after my pregnancy. Over the counter stuff worked temporary at best and it was really beginning to affect my life!”

“I was given Hemorrhoid Helper but to be honest, I resisted using it because it was ‘so different’. I suffered through another week then I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I used Aunty Henrietta’s and I did the ‘happy hemorrhoid dance’ the next day! I couldn’t believe the ‘little bag of green stuff’ could make that much of a difference!”

LEE – Aiea, HI

“After I gave birth, I really suffered from pregnancy hemorrhoids. None of the stuff at the stores helped me. It was difficult to care for my baby as sitting down to breastfeed was painful and just standing was uncomfortable.”

“Aunty Henrietta’s was the best! I used it as soon as I got it and I was surprised that it worked that fast….INSTANT HEMORRHOID PAIN RELIEF! I got in my car and was able to drive to the store!”

J.Y. – Makawao, HI

“Your package arrived yesterday, and I soooooo want to thank you! I just made a tea-like mixture as you suggested in an empty jar with lid, and it’s in the fridge so that I may heat up just a small amount as needed. I’ve used it three times on the munchkin, by way of just a saturated cotton square, sometimes just holding it in place for as long as she’ll sit still, and this morning actually sitting her up for a minute with the makeshift cotton compress under her bottom. I then did as you suggested and rinsed her bottom, or popped her in the tub which she never gets tired of. Already, I can see that it’s helping! The swelling is drastically reduced, and she even runs around saying “Butt tea” for that’s what I told her it was. So funny. Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!”

Happy Mom and Daughter in Texas

“I can hardly believe it but your little pillows have actually worked! I’ve been a sufferer of hemorrhoid pain for many years now & tried all kinds of things with only little success but your product has given me noticeable results, the next visit to the lavatory after I’d made an application the previous morning & all bleeding had stopped then after two more applications the pain has almost completely subsided! Thank you so much, your product is excellent!”

M. – Brisbane, Australia

I was in the hospital being treated for colon cancer when I developed hemorrhoids. I was given Aunty Henrietta’s and was amazed at how fast it worked. It’s the only thing that gave me hemorrhoid pain relief and I like it because it’s all natural.

Teresa S – Maui, HI

My sister suffers from hemorrhoid pain and uses your product. I wanted to tell you that it also worked for me but I used your product for something else … my folliculitis! My doctor had me using a topical medication as well as oral meds and IT DIDN’T WORK! Since Aunty Henrietta’s shrinks hemorrhoids I thought it might do the same for my folliculitis. Guess What? IT DID! I am glad I tried it! No more pharmaceuticals for me! Thanks Aunty Henrietta!

Mark O. – San Jose, CA

I’ve lived (and dealt) with my hemorrhoids for over twenty years but when I go for my colonoscopy, I have to have a bag of Aunty Henrietta’s on hand for the after effects.

R.O. – CA, USA

I don’t have hemorrhoids but I do have varicose veins. I couldn’t be on my feet for long periods or walk without pain because a vein on my ankle was so inflamed. I gave Aunty Henrietta’s hemorrhoid helper a try and after just one application I was pain free. It’s been 6 months now since I used the product and I am still pain free.

J. Spain – Chicago, IL

I am in my seventies and I have suffered from hemorrhoids for some time. My doctor decided to schedule me for surgery since they were such a problem.

My granddaughter gave me some Aunty Henrietta’s and said to try this before I committed to something like surgery. I used it before going to bed and felt better. The next morning when I woke up, it was like magic! My hemorrhoids shrank so much and I felt so much better! I cancelled my surgery! Better to use something natural that works then to go to the hospital and have surgery!

G.T. – Kahului, HI

Papa T – Honolulu, HI